• Online Learning is Different!

    • Online

      For those new to online learning, participating in online classes requires students to take on an additional level of responsibility for their education. They will need to plan out their time to make sure they fit in all of their responsibilities for the week, both school and personal.  I have included for all students a couple of tools to help them in their planning. First, students will receive a calendar due dates for the semester.  Second, (on the same document as the calendar) students will have a grade tracking sheet.  This handout allows students to see exactly where they are in relation to the total points possible at all times during the semester.  


      Please review these tools with your students when they are available on the first day of class.  If your student is new to online learning or tends to struggle with organization, I strongly encourage you to use these tools with your students.  Check their progress in class frequently.  Please contact me if you have questions or concerns about your student’s progress earlier rather than later.  It is better for your student if we can solve confusion early on in the semester.

    • This course is conducted on a mastery method of learning.  What this means is that students can make corrections to their assignment. corrections

      I make many comments on student work to help correct their misconceptions or give guidance where they are having trouble.  It is my expectation that students will review the comments on their assignments and make corrections. 

      If they don’t understand the comments, then they should contact me through Canvas email or attend the weekly Zoom session.  I can try to help them through the messaging system inbox  or we can set up a time to live chat through Canvas or schedule an individual Zoom session.  

    • Parent/Guardian Homework

      Yes, I have one assignment for you!  Please go into Canvas and sign up as an observer in your student’s class.  Directions for signing up are available through this link. For the initial signup you will need your student's user name,  password and a pairing code.  Typically, student log user names and passwords follow this pattern:

      • User name: (first initial)(middle initial)(first three letters of last name)(last 3 numbers of school id)
      • Password: school id

      So, for example, if I had a school id of 979797, than my information would look like this: vkbuu797

      log in


       What is the benefit of being an observer?  A few reasons:

      1. You can check in on your student’s progress frequently using your own password.
      2. You can see the assignments (not just the grades) that students are being asked to do.
      3. You will receive all communications that I send to students through the Canvas messaging system. This will be the only way that I send group messages to students and parents.
      4. You can set your notifications so my messages go through Canvas, but end up in your personal email. You can reply to me from your personal email and it will go back into Canvas to me.  You will not need to worry about checking in Canvas for messages after you set this up.