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  • I grew up in Colorado and ventured to University in Wyoming. I spent a lot of time outside because, well, it's just so beautiful there! However, I have to say being in Arizona is pretty sweet since I can go camping and hiking literally all year. Arizona also has beautifully diverse geology and the stars are rarely blocked by clouds! 

    I happen to actually love Earth Science. Can you believe it? Being outdoors is a passion of mine. As a family, we love to go hiking and camping any chance we get. I really enjoy being able to tell the story of pretty much any location I'm visiting. The rocks and stars are books if you just know how to read them. I love to travel and see all there is to offer out there. I will definitely be sharing pictures of our adventures throughout our time together. 

    I do hope you find this course interesting. It literally explains your world around you! There is Earth Science everywhere you go! Make sure to reach out any time during our session if you ever need any assistance or just want to share your adventures! I love to see those too. 

    Clear skies and safe travels!