• Register My Athlete

    Register my athlete is a site that we will be using to clear students for participation in after school athletics. (We will no longer be accepting paper packets)

    In order for an athlete to be elegible for after school athletics, they must:

    1. Complete the enrollment forms at http://registermyathlete.com.  Type in all information.  Read and electronically sign all documents.
    2. Turn in a physical evaluation  Form A and physical examination  Form B.  Scan or take a picture and upload it to the site.
    3. Complete the Brainbook concussion course at https://aiaacademy.org/  Take a screen shot and upload the certificate to the site.
    4. Print out the Emergency Contact Form and fill it out.  Scan or take picture of it and upload the file to the site

    All of the items listed above are part of the Register My Athlete process.

    Please Note:  At this time we are not using the Register My Athlete website to pay the $60 athletic activity fee.  To pay the athletic fee, click here.


    Below we have provided you with some links to help you with the Register My Athlete process.


    Log-In or Sign Up for Register My Athlete

    Watch a video tutorial
    Please note that the video is from a different school district and the requirements for DVUSD will be different