• Pathways Blended Summer Session Parent Letter

    Dear Students and Families,

    Summer school will begin June 1, 2020, as DVOLP Pathways – Blended. Our teaching team is preparing and excited to meet and work with each student!  Pathways is replicating as much of our structure as possible for continuity while distinguishing the Pathways program from the Deer Valley Online program.

    Pathways will begin classes within the Home Learning (virtual) Environment. A new element within the Home Learning Environment is that students will be tracking and submitting their daily learning minutes via the My Hours software platform.  These minutes will be submitted by the end of each week of enrollment. (Ex: Start date is June 1, 2020 submit by June 7, 2020).

    The information below is to provide clarity and understanding of the Pathways’ structure and student expectations as we navigate the current school closure status:

    • Students are required to log in at the start of each class enrolled in 
      • Block A begins at 11:30 am and ends at 3:00 pm
      • Block B begins at 3:15 pm and ends at 6:45 pm
      • Students log in daily 
        • Monday through Friday
        • June 1 through June 26, 2020
      • Attendance will be taken
      • Students complete bell/reflection work
      • Have opportunity to ask questions
      • Receive a preview of the day’s learning
    • Students are required to attend scheduled ZOOM meetings to receive direct instruction
      • Classes with semester 1 and semester 2 will be instructed when to log in to the semester scheduled ZOOM meeting
      • Follow district technology protocol
    • Students are required to log in prior to the end of scheduled class time
      • Closure 
        • Block A log in at 2:45 pm
        • Block B log in at 6:30 pm
      • Complete exit/discussion question
      • Complete My Hours learning log
    • Students are required to track and submit their minutes of learning time via My Hours software platform 
      • We encourage parents to review the My Hours learning log
      • Parent initials are needed for hours to be submitted
      • Students are to submit My Hours learning log by Sunday of each week DVOLP Pathways – Blended in in session 
        • Submit by June 7, 2020
        • Submit by June 14, 2020
        • Submit by June 21, 2020
        • Submit by June 28, 2020

    Additional information about the pacing of the course work is below:

      • students will meet daily with the teacher of record as outlined above
      • students will not be permitted to work ahead
      •  new content will be available on a daily basis
      •  course work provided is expected to be completed that day 
        • DVUSD Pathways does not provide  homework
          • Should a student not complete daily coursework this may become homework


    • DVOLP Pathways Blended grade book begins at a ZERO (0 %) percent.  Students establish their final grade through participation and completion of all course work.


    • student active participation is expected throughout the enrollment period of June 1 through June 26, 2020.

    The Pathways’ attendance policy will remain the same:

    • Students are provided two (2) absences
    • On the third (3rd) absence student is subject to withdrawal
    • Students greater than 10 minutes late to class will be charged an absence
    • Students may opt to Appeal withdrawal
      • Student will receive instructions of Appeal
      • Student will submit Appeal information within 24 hours of receipt of Appeal instructions

    Please note, should the State of AZ open school campuses for summer school, DVOLP Pathways – Blended will move to provide direct instruction in the classroom.  This will be determined by the State of AZ and the guidelines put in place to promote safety in the classroom.  

    We will see each student online June 1, 2020, to begin the June 2020 summer school!


    Ms. Collins, M.Ed.

    DVOLP Pathways – Blended, Principal


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  • Parents can also login to Canvas to observe classes and student progress. Parents even have their very own app: Canvas Parent.

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    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns:

    Email: Catherine.Boland@dvusd.org

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