• Pathways Guidleines and Expecations - All policies will be strictly enforced and is not subject to teacher discretion


    At pathways we know that society is changing and technology is all around us. We have embraced this and want to show our students what a powerful learning tool technology can be. The reality is that in our students' future careers they will have access to technology and need to know when and how to use it appropriately for the rest of their lives. This will sometimes mean that it is appropriate to put technology to the side to better focus on the task at hand.

    Pathways students will have their technology put away during class time unless a teacher requests them to get it out to use for educational purposes. If a student does not comply with this policy, the following steps will be taken:

    1st Offense: Teacher will remind the student to put technology away.

    2nd Offense: Teacher will have a conference with the students about the expectations of the class and the use of technology.

    3rd Offense: Teacher will make a contact home and letting parents know about the technology infraction and ask for help in curbing the issue.

    4th Offense: Student will be refreeed to the administration for futher disciplinary actions.

    At any time during the process, if the student escalates the issue, the student can be removed from the class, with the chance of not returning to the classroom for the session.

    During class breaks, students will be allowed to access their personal electronics!