• Allergies

    Allergies are reactions by your immune system to something that's not typically harmful to your body. These reactions can be from foreign substances such as foods, envirnomental allergens or animals. Some alleriges can be non-life threatening while others need treatments to help you avoid symptoms that can be life threatening. If your student has allergies that may require treatment from alleriges that they may be exposed to while at school, it's important to create a school allergy health plan for your student.  You can work with your Family Physician and School Nurse to create a treatment health plan that will work best for your student. You can review and print the forms below to start a Allergy Health Plan for your student. All medications that are required within the treatment plan at school will need a physician signature. When forms are completed by physician and parent/guardian, bring them to the school nurse with medications. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Nurse Penny at the Health Office. 


    Allergy/Anaphylaxis Health Plan Form

    Allergy History Form

    Physician Medication Form

    Parent Medication Form

    DVUSD Diet Request Form

    Peanut-Free Table Seating Parent Form