• Welcome to the Health Center.

    Hello, I am Nurse Norma. 

    I have been with Bellair since 2014. Thank you for the privilege of caring for your children, it has been a Blessing. I have had a variety of jobs but I would have to say this has been the one I have enjoyed the most.

    I have worked in the schools as a bilingual/ESL Aide for about 5 years.  I enjoy working with children and that is what interested me when Bellair had a nurse position opening.  We were homeschooling our two younger children just before I went to nursing school.  We had decided to put them in public school and enrolled them at Bellair.  Go figure.

    Before working as a Nurse, I cared for our friend Vicki for about 17 years, she was a retired RN.  She is the one who encouraged me and my husband to go to Nursing School.  My intentions were to go back to school to become a RN.  But with her illness and then her passing, it just didn’t happen.  Then with my son graduating in 2018 and going to college, and my daughter right behind him.  I felt the need to give them the opportunity to pursue their career first. 

    I speak Spanish, fluent enough, I guess. I have taken classes in Sign language, and Hebrew. Which I will continue as time allows.  Still need help with those languages.

    As most of you know my hobbies are crocheting, (Crocheting Club). My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was 17 years old. I like sewing, and got my first sewing machine when I was 16. Which I still have.   I can play the guitar some.  I like yard work, when It’s not too hot.  I like crafting, painting, music, puzzles and watching YouTube, Lol!

    I look forward to continuing caring for your children and ours staff here at our School.


     Nurse Norma