ELA 1-2 Honors Summer Reading Assignment

  • Summer Reading Assignment:

    *Note, this assignment is not optional and must be completed by the first Friday of the new school year.


    Students will read Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, OR The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer.


    Students may read House of The Scorpion online here: House of the Scorpion

    Students may read Farenheit 451 here: Text: Farenheit 451


    1.  Students must complete the following

     Create a Journal- either handwritten or online, that you will submit the first Friday of school. This journal must include:

    Title, Author and Publication Date

    CHARACTER LIST: Identify MAJOR Charactors and important MINOR characters: Describe them emotionally, physically, and explain thier relationships to each other and the story. 

    SUMMARIZE each chapter or section's MAIN IDEA or IMPORTANT PLOT DEVELOPMENTS.  IF your novel has sections, you may summarize each section. You may also summarize several chapters together.

    NEW VOCABULARY LIST: Identify and define new words that you encounter as you read and define them.

    2. Students must read ONE of these two articles, and annotate for main idea, vocabulary, and important details.

    Speculative Fiction    or  Dystopia and Science Fiction

    3. Students must read this article and answer the questions that follow: Utopia Explained   

    Questions for Utopia Article:

    1. What does the word Utopia mean today?
    2. Who first used the term, where, why and how?
    3. Why did writing about Utopias become common in the 1800’s?
    4. Why did many Utopian ideals turn into satires?
    5. Where and when in the United States were Utopias created?
    6. Do any Utopian societies exist today?
    7. In your opinion, is a Utopian Society possible to achieve? Why or why not?