DP Biology YR2

  • Summer Work: Please complete the Cornell Notes for all Evolution, Units 53 - 59, as your Summer Work.  A Cornell Notes Template is located in the Google folder for that unit, as has been the practice since the beginning.  The Units are small so perfect for leisurely work over the summer. The Summer Work is critical because you will have your IAs for Biology and History, your Orals for Language Arts, and Senior Institute during your final semester. You do not want to have these notes too!  We will complete the BioBinder Check for Units 53 - 59 during the first week of school.  Take care of yourself and I look forward to seeing you again in the Fall! 

  • Topic Reviews


    Practical 01: Specie Associations

    Practical 02: Lemna Population

    Lemna Data

    Practical 03: Stream Biodiversity

    Practical 04: Properties of Water

    Practical 05: Organic Compounds

    Practical 06: Protein Structure

    Practical 07: Karyotype Lab

    Practical 08: Microscopy (Fall 2020)

    Practical 09: Dialysis Tubing (Fall 2020)

    Practical 08: Plant Pigmentation (Fall 2020)

    Practical 10: Plant Transpiration (Fall 2020)

    Independent Investigation



    Proposal Log


    Data Collection

    IA Scoring Card

    IA Checklist

    Student Samples


    Quizlet Flashcards

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    QUIZ: Quiz (either in-class or on Canvas)

    TEST: Test (either in-class or on Canvas)


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