• Here are some tips to prepare for return of school:

    Are your child's immunizations up to date?  If in question please speak to your health care provider.  By age 5 children are required by AZ state law to have for school: 5 DPT's, 4 Polio's (IPV), 3 hepatitis, 2 MMR's, and 1 varicella.  At age 11 they are required to have a Tdap and menigitis immunization.  Children are not to be allowed to attend school without proper immunizations, per AZ state law.  AZ Dept. of Health Immunizations

    Any prescription medication brought to school must be accompanied by a "medication doctor order" form.  This can be found in the "forms" section of this webpage and must be filled out by a physician.  No prescription medication can be given at school without this form.

    Chronic health conditions:  If your child has a chronic health condition, for example:  anaphylactic allergy, diabetes, asthma, seizure disorder, please find the appropriate forms on the "form" page of this webpage and have filled out before the start of school- some of these forms need to be filled out by a physician.  All of these forms are required each school year.     

    District COVID-19 updates can be found here:  DVUSD COVID Updates