• Parents will need to have their student athlete's physical filled out by a doctor and turned in along with completing the Brain Bucket Concussion Link before they can try out.  The four AIA physical pages for the doctor and your consent are below and will also be made available next school year in the front office.  

    2021-2022 AIA athletic physical forms (For your doctor)


    Brain Bucket Link (Concussion Information)


    When registering for the course, put the athlete as a freshman at the high school they will be attending.  


    We will need all paperwork completed prior to the beginning of each season/tryout.
    (The following forms need to be printed, completed and uploaded into Register My Athlete - Section 3: Physical Documents): 
    1. AIA Evaluation , Physicians Examination and Consent to Treat Forms -5 pages
    2. Emergency Information Form - 1 Page
    3. Brainbook Concussion Course (Test needs to be completed by student and upload certificate in Register My Athlete).
    (The following forms need to be Read by the parent & E-Signature Required - Section 1: Register My Athlete: Electronic Documents)
    · 24-48 Rule
    · MTBI Concussion Form (Read & E-Signature Required)
    · Parent Code of Conduct (Read & E-Signature Required)
    · Release To and From Games (Read & E-Signature Required)
    · Student Code of Conduct (Read & E-Signature Required)
    FAST MED on Happy Valley (No Appointment Necessary and $25.00 for Sports Physical).
    You can find copies of all of the forms you will need here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17Xz6XVni9nI2JPa4gwurxzQq4hPAJSi-?usp=sharing