• All athletes are required to complete a physical and take the concussion test prior to participation of any kind.

    2023-2024 AIA Physical Form AIA Athletic Physical Forms (For your doctor) 

    Brain Bucket Link (Concussion Information)


    When registering for the course, put the athlete as a freshman at the high school they will be attending. 


    We will need all following paperwork completed prior to the beginning of each season/tryout.
    (The following forms need to be printed, completed and uploaded into Register My Athlete - Section 3: Physical Documents): 
    1. AIA Evaluation , Physicians Examination and Consent to Treat Forms -5 pages
    2. Emergency Information Form - 1 Page
    3. Brainbook Concussion Course (Test needs to be completed by student and upload certificate in Register My Athlete).
    (The following forms need to be Read by the parent & E-Signature Required - Section 1: Register My Athlete: Electronic Documents)
    · 24-48 Rule
    · MTBI Concussion Form (Read & E-Signature Required)
    · Parent Code of Conduct (Read & E-Signature Required)
    · Release To and From Games (Read & E-Signature Required)
    · Student Code of Conduct (Read & E-Signature Required)
    You can find copies of all of the forms you will need here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17Xz6XVni9nI2JPa4gwurxzQq4hPAJSi-?usp=sharing