• Return to Play


    We are currently in Stage 2 of Return to Play

    Stage 2 Modifications


    • Non-contact drills allowed in groups of no more than 50; all student athletes should be socially distanced from each other.
    • Masks must be worn both coming to and leaving outdoor activities by coaches and student-athletes. Where possible, coaches should ensure student-athletes are complying with this directive.
    • Masks must be worn for the duration of indoor activities by coaches and student-athletes. Coaches should consider giving student-athletes the opportunity to go outside for a brief time if they need a break from wearing a mask.
    • One student-athlete per each weight rack.
    • Sports equipment may be shared, but must be cleaned between sessions (balls may be thrown from one player to another, players may rebound another’s shot, etc.)
    • No personal equipment may be shared--towels, batting helmets, etc.
    • No use of locker rooms.
    • Drinking fountains are operational, but coaches should continue to encourage student-athletes to bring their own water bottles.
    • There should be no penalty for student-athletes who are not allowed to attend. Coaches should provide alternative activities for student-athletes who cannot attend.