• I’m glad I was your teacher! I ’ve come to love you so! I can’t believe the end is here! I hate to see you go! Remember all the fun we had In all the things we did! But most of all remember... you’re a very special kid!  Love, Ms. Tomasello


    As your child moves to the next grade level, there are some very important things you can do to help them succeed. Engage in meaningful conversations with your child every day. Take time (if only a few minutes a day) to really listen to what they have to say. Read to, have them read to self and listen to your child read and stop and question what they are reading to build their comprehension. Practice multiplying and dividing. Help your child develop a sense of working and solving problems independently. Talk about ways and start practicing getting and staying organized. Encourage your child to write often! Writing stories, letters, journal entries, are great ways to get thoughts organized and put onto paper. These little things will lead to big successes next year.


    As we go into summer break, some of you may be asking.. "What can my child be doing academically during the summer?" or "What are some summer reading you recommend?" I have posted two flyers below with that information on it for you to reference! :)


    Have a wonderful and relaxing summer!


    Ms. Tomasello