Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Claire E. Westbury

     Good Day Traditional Academy at Bellair Families!  I am Miss Westbury, a proud teacher and team member, at this incredible campus.  I have been teaching fifth grade for 20 years, so this is going to be my 21st year in 2021!  I love my job.  I love everything about teaching.  Teaching is a work of heart, art, mind, body, and soul.  I believe that I must have a vested and loving educational commitment to whomever walks through my door day in and day out.  I am a proud graduate of Northern Arizona University (GO JACKS!) where I majored in Elementary Education and minored in Speech Pathology.  I am the proud daughter of immigrant parents and the FIRST person in my family to be born in America!   

I am fascinated with making things balance, explode, multiply, divide, the Human body, the Universe, and all things having to do with literature.  You may know about my absolute adoration for all things Pirate-related, and there's a purely logical reason behid it.  Aside from the historical aspect - it takes a crew to run a ship.  Everyone must unite to do their work...from the small job to the biggest.  Sailing the fifth grade seas is a journey you will remember forever, and as your Captain, it's my job to get us all there.  Together.  

 When I'm not navigating the waters of the Educational Ocean; I love to paint, draw, create, bake, cook, hike, spend time with family and loved ones, watch movies, and enjoy all my extra time with my dog - Davey Jones.  He's my First Mate and Co-captain in life.  We go lots of places together and he's just amazing.