• Preparedness ⏰

    • Please make sure that you are on time for class meetings, set up in a quiet area where you can focus on the lesson, come prepared with all the materials you will need for the lesson, and keep track of assignment due dates using the "to do" list on your dashboard.  

    Collaboration 🤝

    • In this course, you will collaborate with your peers through discussion board posts and comments. Just like in the classroom, the expectations for collaboration include actively listening to or reading what your peer has to say, referring to or summarizing what your peer said, agreeing/disagreeing respectfully and backing up your opinion with reasoning, and leaving constructive feedback (what your peer did well as well as what they could improve on and how). 
    • Cheating and/or plagiarism is defined as taking the ideas or work of others and claiming it is your own. You may not submit other's work as your own. If you are allowed to collaborate with a peer on an assignment, you will be expected to both contribute to the work submitted. 

    Netiquette 💻

    • Netiquette is short for "Internet Etiquette." Just like etiquette is the code of behavior among members of society, netiquette is the code of behavior among people on the Internet. 
    • This includes several aspects of the Internet, such as email, online chat, web forums, website comments, Zoom, and other types of online communication.
    • You are expected to be polite and respectful to all members of your online community. 
    • Additionally, please remember to avoid "text speak" 📱 or writing like you would in a text message--this is school! No emojis in formal writing as well, please!
    • A helpful video on how to email your teacher: Link (Links to an external site.)

    Class Meetings on Zoom

    • Set up in a quiet, distraction-free space.  
    • When entering a class meeting, please be sure your webcam is on and your microphone is muted. Your camera should remain on throughout the entire class meeting. 
    • Please make sure your clothes are appropriate to your school's dress code policy. No pajamas. :)
    • You may raise your hand or use the raise your hand feature in Zoom to get your teacher's attention during a class meeting if you have a question or comment. 
    • The chat box may only be used when directed by your teacher and only with questions or comments that are related to the lesson. 
    • Please listen and be patient if the teacher or a peer are talking. 
    • Message your teacher on Canvas with any questions.

    Click here for Zoom Etiquette presentation!