Please use the Public Curriculum Guides to see our current pacing, standards by unit, and list of resources approved to teach. 

    Our supplemental adopted textbooks help guide our teachers in teaching to the standards as best they can, but since our books are not written for Arizona Social Studies standards, they may not cover all the topics and standards we need. 

    We do utilize Open Education materials, videos, articles, and online experiences, which are curated and help supplement the teaching of our Arizona state standards. You will see them listed in the curriculum guides sorted by unit with the links if you would like to preview these materials.

    We are always looking for and finding more materials, and they must go through a district curation process before being approved. Materials are on a live document to allow for updating if needed during the school year. Items are updated over the summer and posted at the start of the current school year.

    Expectations for Teachers:

    • The District Curriculum Guide and state standards aligned to units to help with planning, focus, and timeline of skills and content w/ specific curated resources.
    • Teachers will follow the Pacing Guide & use the curated materials and resources in instruction.
    • Resources are curated specifically for the standards and approved by the district for use. Outside materials should not be utilized but can be submitted to be curated.
    • Optional to utilize the lessons from the Canvas Shared Course - but additional in-person instruction and inquiry discussions will take place in the classroom setting. Shared lessons can be used as starting point to grow lessons from additional curated materials in the Curriculum guide.
    • Curriculum guides have materials and features which are also public-facing and show the public district-approved text and supplemental source materials so they can preview ahead of time. This includes websites, videos, and primary & secondary source text.
    • Daily Pledge of Allegiance and a Moment of Silence + Declaration of Independence.
  • K - 2 Curriculum Guides & Text information

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  • High School Graduation Required Curriculum Guides & Text Information

  • AP District Provided Course Text Materials