• Welcome to Academic Lab: Accelerated Credit Recovery 

    The Accelerated program is an Adaptive Credit Recovery Program that is designed to serve students seeking to recapture credit for courses previously taken. This program allows students to follow an individualized path based on adaptive assessments and progress at their own pace while being excused from material of which they have demonstrated mastery. These individualized, self-paced, standards-based courses are intended to keep students on track for graduation.

    Website for Student Login: https://accelerate-dvusd-bghs.vschool.com

    Class Overview: 
    -Students will be assigned to credit recovery by their counselor to make-up credits for a class they have previously earned a “D” or an “F.” 
    -This program is designed to give students the opportunity to prove their knowledge and pass the course without having to attend a full semester of direct instruction all over again.
    -A student account will be activated by their counselor or Accelerated teacher when the student is first assigned the course. 
    -All of the work that students will do is found within the Accelerated  courseware and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.  
    -Focus and determination is the key to getting the work finished.
    -Students will work on one course at a time in the Accelerated program. Working on one course at a time allows students to finish a course in a timely manner.  Once a student finishes a course, they may begin another course if they have more credits to recover and/or they desire to work on grade enhancement.
    -Students will have 30 days to complete any course started in Accelerated credit recovery.  Failure to do so may result in the restarting of the course from the beginning. Remember that every lesson a student completes is one step closer to finishing a course! Students that do not complete the course on time will need to complete the course reopening form found in Canvas Modules. 

    Notes are not required. However, students are encouraged to take notes on all tutorials within their course. Many courses have guided notes that can be utilized. Also, some tutorials may show as exempt based on the results from the unit pretests. Students are encouraged to still review those exempted tutorials before taking the unit post tests. Students that utilize note-taking historically do better on the course as a whole. 

    Academic Integrity:
    Cheating in any form will not be tolerated.  The following is a partial list of what may constitute cheating:

    1. Copying test questions and/or answers from any Accelerated test
    2. Using another student’s Accelerated notes 
    3. Use of the internet while taking any test 
    4. Logging in as another student
    5. Plagiarizing other’s material (This includes AI)
    6. Copy/pasting/screenshotting Accelerated materials to any other source
    7. Talking or any type of communication with another student during any Accelerated test unless in a collaborative setting that is instructor approved

    These actions are not acceptable and in some cases may be illegal and will result in disciplinary action per the Student's Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (p. 49-61): https://www.dvusd.org/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=1660&dataid=176939&FileName=21-22%20Handbook%20-%20English%20FINAL.pdfLinks to an external site.

    Once students have completed the final test, they need to notify the Accelerated teacher who will then calculate the course grade and notify their counselor to assign credit to the student transcripts.

    Characteristics of a Successful Credit Recovery Student:
         Self-motivated-able to work independently, using teacher as a facilitator
         Responsible–attends school on a regular basis, with few absences
         Self-disciplined–stays on task without disturbing the learning of others 
         Goal-oriented–has a specific goal in mind and works diligently toward that goal
         Persevering–works steadily and with purpose
         Mature–willingly follows all classroom and school policies

    Classroom Conduct:
         All students are expected to:

    1. Arrive to class prior to the tardy bell. (School policy regarding student tardies is strictly enforced)
    2. Log in to computer/Accelerated program within 3 minutes after the class period begins.
    3. Stay productive throughout the class period.
    4. Be respectful of others and act responsibly.
    5. Obtain permission from the teacher before using any hand held electronic devices in class.
    6. Students needing to leave class for any reason must check with the teacher and use the e-hall pass process. 
    7. Cell phones and earbuds/headphones are not to be used during the class session unless they are provided by the teacher.