• What is Educators Rising? Educators Rising is a Career and Student Technical Organization (CTSO) that goes along with the Early Childhood Education program. This CTSO is co-curricular meaning that many of the competitions are activities we do in class. Students also learn professionalism skills, participate in community service, learn more about college and career pathways, as well as networking by meeting new students from other schools and professionals in the field.

    What happens at the Educators Risng Fall Leadership Conference? Students that attend the Ed Rising FLC have the opportunity to participate in professional development. The day will begin with a tour of the ASU Campus with a break for lunch. Students will then listen to a key note speaker before attending break out session of their choice. These sessions include topics such as college readiness, obtaining scholarships, classroom teaching techniques, Ed Rising State Competition information, and social/emotional well-being to name a few.

    What happens at the Educators Rising State Competition? When students attend the Ed Rising State Competition it is an expectation that they compete in at least one competitive event but they can compete in up to three events. When students are not competing, they are attending different breakout sessions that interest them. Some of these sessions are on obtaining scholarships, preparing for college, teaching techniques, and social/emotional health. In the evenings after competitions and breakout sessions conclude, students listen to keynote speakers and participate in team building events.

    What are the state competition events? All the events can be found here: https://www.edrisingaz.org/event-guidelines-and-rubrics This document gives an explanation of the event as well as grading. Some events have scholarship monies attached to them for students meeting specific criteria. Some events are State only and some are National. For the state only events, if a student places they cannot go on to compete at nationals. If a student wishes to compete nationally, they must choose a National event and place in the top 5 at the state competition.

    When/where is the Ed. Rising State Leadership Competition? This year’s Educators Rising State Competition is located in Tucson, AZ at the El Conquistador Tucson (10000 N Oracle Rd). We will leave school via charter bus the morning of March 27, 2022 and return the afternoon of March 30, 2022. Competitive events begin Monday afternoon and conclude Tuesday evening. Wednesday we will attend the award ceremony and then depart Tucson stopping for lunch on the way back to school.

    What is the cost and what’s included? The cost per student will be no more than $150.00. This includes registration, transportation, 3 nights at the hotel, and some meals. Depending on the outcome of fundraisers, this amount could change. Tax credit can be used towards the cost of this event. A deposit of $75 is due the first part of December 2021. This ensures students are committed to attending before they are registered. The remaining balance of $75 is due by the first week in February 2022. Students and parents will be notified if the price is reduced after fundraising.

    What are the available scholarships given? Scholarships are awarded for 14 different competitions to colleges in Arizona. Scholarships to NAU and GCU are for 11th or 12th grade students declaring an education major. These scholarships are renewable for each academic year. Scholarships to UofA are for 11th or 12th grade students declaring an education major. These scholarships are a one-time award. The ADE Scholarship is for 12th grade students declaring a major in Special Education. This scholarship is renewable for four academic years.

    More information will be updated at a later date.

    Early Childhood Education: LANGUAGE AND LITERACY
    Creative Lecture (TED Talk)
    Educators Rising Leadership Award
    Educators Rising Moment
    Exploring Education Administration Careers
    Exploring Non-Core Subject Teaching Careers
    Impromptu Speaking
    Job Interview
    Lesson Planning & Delivery – Career & Technical Education
    Lesson Planning & Delivery – STEM
    Public Speaking

    What is needed to attend? Students must be in good academic standing in order to attend this event. Since they will be out of school for 3 days (excused absences), it is imperative that they are not behind in any courses. Students will need to submit a Permission Slip, a Student Participation Contract, a BCHS Educators Rising Code of Conduct, and an Educators Rising Comprehensive Consent form along with payment in full. These forms are available online in Canvas under Course Information and hard copies will be distributed at a later date.

    How does my child go to the National Conference? If your student is competing in a national event and places in the top 5 in the state, they qualify to attend the National Conference to compete again. The cost to attend nationals is up to $3,000 depending on the cost of air fare, lodging, and evening events. DVUSD will cover the registration cost and $500 towards travel and lodging costs for students that qualify for nationals. Students are expected to cover the remaining cost associated with the trip. Please be mindful of the dates of nationals to avoid summer travel conflicts.

    Questions/Concerns? I am excited to take students to participate in this event!  I will have a Remind set up so students and parents can contact me at any time before or during the conference, otherwise email is the easiest way to reach me. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this event. For more detailed information regarding the competitions and scholarship information, please visit www.edrisingaz.org.