• School Expectations

    Students are expected to adhere to our schoolwide PBIS plan, Rattlers ROCK, whether they are on campus or learning virtually. While this may look different with virtual learning, the basics are the same.



    R - Respect

    O - Own responsibilty

    C - Caring through

    K - Kindness


    Classroom Expectations

    I expect my 6th grade students to not only adhere to our schoolwide plan, but to my classroom expectations as well. 

    • As a student enters into the classroom (in person or virtually), he or she enters into a positive learning environment where kindness, respect, and consideration for others are expected behaviors. Proper classroom behavior will be taught, demonstrated, and practiced throughout the year.
    • Students are expected to write the objective for each day in their planner so that they know what the academic focus is for each day of learning, and also so that parents may check in with their child to know what is being taught. 
    • Students are expected to ALWAYS have a book to read so that they may increase reading fluency and Lexile scores. 
    • Accountbility is important in our classroom.  Data folders go home at the end of the week and are expected to be returned on Monday with parent signature.  


    What you can expect from Mrs. Eastman

    • I will listen to and respect each student and their famililes. Communication is very important to me.
    • Weekly update emails will be sent throughout our time in virtual learning. Monthly newsletters will inform you of our academic focus and any upcoming dates to be aware of.
    • Tutoring/office hours are available by appointment Monday - Thursday 3:15 - 3:30 pm. (Subject to change, always make an appointment)
    • We will have FUN!