• The Science of Reading

    Deer Valley carefully vetts the curriculum materials utilized to support striving readers to ensure the instructional approach is consistently aligned with the science of reading. The science of reading is an extensive and vast body of scientific research about reading—how students learn to read and how to teach reading. A vast body of research evidence collected over the past 40+ years—the science of reading— is both overwhelming and compelling. We know what it takes for reading development to occur (Zaner-Bloser). 

    This research reveals what happens in the brain during reading and what needs to take place instructionally to enable skillful reading. Two prominent theoretical models help us start to make sense of how children learn to read: 

  • District Supported Reading Intervention Resources

    Reading Horizons Elevate

    Reading Horizons Elevate is an intervention curriculum that addresses early foundational reading skills for students in 4th grade and above. The intervention curriculum delivers engaging, explicit, systematic phonics instruction through a multisensory approach based on Orton-Gillingham principles.It also meets all the criteria for a Structured Literacy approach in alignment with the Science of Reading. The instruction supports learners as they progress through the continuum of phonics while simultaneously building vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. It is sequential and cumulative in nature moving from simple to complex using a variety of multisensory techniques. These techniques include visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic instructional strategies (VAKT) that maximize student achievement.

    Link to Reading Horizons Research Base

    Read 180 Universal 

    READ 180 Universal is the leading blended learning solution that accelerates learning for readers by merging the latest research around personalized best practices, adaptive technology, instructional strategies based on the science of reading, and scaffolded support to build independent readers. The intervention curriculum provides systematic and explicit instruction to build literacy skills to enhance fluency, increase vocabulary, build background knowledge and strengthen comprehension strategies to grade appropriate  levels of reading proficiency.

    For more information on Read 180 Universal click here