• iLit is a comprehensive reading intervention program for High School students. iLit is a fully digital programs and utlizes a proven instructional model. 

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  • The iLit Instructional Model is made up of the following components:

    Time to Read

    • Students read independently or in small-group book clubs, choosing from the library of more than 2000+ digital texts.


    • Collaborative, whole-class or small group instruction in Word Study and academic vocabulary focus on words students will entounter in context.

    Read Aloud, Think Aloud

    • Teacher read aloud from an on-level anchor text and use the instructional support and stopping points to model effective reading.

    Classroom Conversations

    • Students engage in collaborative conversation related to the weekly text.

    Whole Group

    • Whole group instruction develops langauge arts skills and strategies.

    Work Time

    • Students work independently and in small groups to apply and demonstrate what they've learned.