• DVUSD Safe, Supportive & Healthy Schools "On Campus" Operational Safety Plan

  •  *DVUSD reserves the right to amend this safety plan at any point**

    Before the First 10 Days of School

    Before Leaving Home

      • Parent/guardian should adhere to the protocol below for symptom screening:

    At School

      • As is normal practice, staff members will visually assess students for illness symptoms throughout the day.
      • Parents should contact the school nurse well in advance for students with unique health considerations (e.g. chronic allergies, etc.).

    Face Masks

      • Face masks are optional on DVUSD campuses and transportation. See the CDC’s Guidance for exact details regarding their recommendations. The following are exceptions: 
        • Symptomatic students and staff may be required to use them in the nurse’s office.
        • Students may wear a face mask when they are in days 6-10 of COVID-19 positive test protocol.
      • Face mask requirements are determined in conjunction with local and/or state agencies.

    Health & Hygiene Considerations, Cleaning and Disinfection

      • Frequent hand washing or sanitizing will be encouraged at regular intervals throughout the day. At a minimum, this will be encouraged at:
        • Start and end of day.
        • Before and after lunch and snack.
        • Before and after transitions/rotations/recess.
        • Before and after using the restroom.
      • Sanitizing & Disinfecting
        • Disinfection to occur as regularly as possible by trained cleaning staff members of frequently touched surfaces (e.g. tables, desks, faucets, sinks, light switches, doorknobs, etc.)
      • Indoor Air Quality & Management
        • DVUSD mechanical systems filter outdoor & indoor air
          • Mechanical Systems are engineered for specific size, thickness, media requirements, restriction, replacement schedule
          • Air filters are changed on a regular schedule, and on an as-needed basis when warranted
        • DVUSD classrooms contain a HEPA air filter for enhanced air quality.
        • Classroom space scheduled to be purged with outside air each morning prior to the school day and outside air introduced throughout the school day


      • Visitors and volunteers are permitted on school campuses before, during and after school and must follow normal District and campus procedures.


      • Protocol - When a student tests positive for COVID-19:
        • Student should stay at home and not report to school. Student and parent(s) should  contact the school nurse.
          • If a student is eligible to return on day 6, the student may wear a face mask through day 10. If student is unable to wear a mask, then student should remain at home for the full 10 days.
        • Home test kits are accepted. Home test kits should have the student's name and date of when the test was administered written on the test kit.
      • Protocol - Student is sick with COVID-19 Symptoms without a Positive Test
        • Stay home until symptoms are resolving and are fever free for 24 hours.
        • Parent/guardian should check with the school nurse if there are questions.
      • Protocol - Chronic Allergies or Other Chronic Symptoms that Mirror COVID-19
        • Parents should inform the school nurse of the situation, and preferably, well in advance of any situation.
        • Known chronic symptoms should be monitored by the student and their family. 
        • Any student with a chronic illness from a known and documented diagnosis e.g. allergies, migraine headaches, may return to school when symptoms have improved, and student has no fever for 24-hours without the use of fever-reducing medications. Any student with non-resolving symptoms should be assessed by a physician.


    • Updated September 23, 2022