• AZ Standards and Third Grade Concepts

    o   We plan our lessons to align with the AZ State Standards. All work, graded or not, is used to measure mastery of these standards. I believe that having high, attainable expectations with rigorous instruction and work supports student learning and achievement. I want my students to have the best learning experiences, and learn to embrace challenges and productive struggles. This link will take you to the website with all the Arizona Standards for all content areas.

    • Math: We will be utilizing the Eureka Math curriculum. In Third Grade, our biggest focus is on multiplication and division (memorization and multi-step word problems using all four operations).
    • Reading: We will be utilizing Into Reading curriculum, which has six modules: “What a Character!”, “Use Your Words”, “Let Freedom Ring!”, “Stories On Stage”, “Teamwork”, “Animal Behaviors”, “Make a Difference”, “Imagine! Invent!”, “From Farm to Table”, and “Tell a Tale”.
    • Writing: We will be analyzing and developing pieces of writing that include Narrative, Informative/Expository, and Opinion/Persuasive techniques.
    • Science: In Science, we cover Light, Sound, Earth Systems and Life Science.
    • Social Studies: We will be utilizing Impact Social Studies curriculum for History, Civics, Economics, and Geography to cover past to present Arizona History.
  • Grades

    • Teachers are expected to enter a meaningful grade for each student in the electronic gradebook on a regular basis so that students, parents, and support staff can better monitor student progress.  A meaningful grade is a grade entry for an assessment or coursework that measures learning standards. Classes that typically meet 4-5 days per week = at least 1 meaningful grade each week.

    At least one meaningful assessment/assignment grade entry must be entered each week, but an entry that impacts the course grade must be entered at least every 2 school weeks (every 3rd week for classes meeting once per week). 

    • 3rd-8th GRADE
      • Students in 3rd through 12th grades will receive marks for their proficiency towards the grade level standards using the following scale. These marks are for information and do not calculate the student's overall course grade.
        • 4 = Highly Proficient
        • 3 = Proficient
        • 2 = Partially Proficient
        • 1 = Minimally Proficient
      • Students in 3rd through 12th grades will receive marks for their overall performance in each course of study using the following letter grade scale. Overall course grades for students in grades 3-12 will be calculated from the average of the student’s assignment scores* (assessments, coursework). 
        • A =  90-100% 
        • B =  80-89%
        • C =  70-79%
        • D =  60-69%
        • F =   0-59%

    Grades of “D” and above are passing marks.  A course grade of “F” indicates that the student has failed the course. 

    For graded work in the Assessment Category, teachers will enter the proficiency marks for each standard measured and use the following guide to assign a score to the assignment.  Parents will see the percentage score for each grade book entry with the letter grade mark on the front page of the PowerSchool parent portal. 

    ***For extenuating circumstances teachers discretion will be applied. For example if a student scores a 2, 3 and 4 on standards for one assessment: teachers may consider separating out the standards on different assignments (if the standards are different; or -teachers may average out the standard if the standards are the same.) In addition, if standard scores fall into more than one category, a grade will be assigned using teacher discretion based on student performance.

    Home Practice

    • The intent of homework is to practice, extend learning and provide opportunities for students to develop critical, independent study skills and self-discipline for their life-long educational journeys.
    • Grades are a reporting tool utilized to reflect what a student knows and is able to do in a content area. We measure achievement, not effort or behavior, in our grading system.
    • Grades will be equitable, accurate, specific, consistent.
    • A student’s grade should reflect academic learning and should never be used as a punitive tool.
    • Grades are for reporting the status of academic learning, not behavioral conduct
    • The primary purpose of assessment and grading is to provide detailed feedback to inform and support student learning.
    • Learning is a process that takes place over time and at different speeds for different students.

    PowerSchool is an essential resource for parents and students. It is not only a tool for communication regarding grades, it is a resource for our students and parents to check progress, missing work, and what is being taught/learned regularly. Please ensure that you and your child have access (separate accounts) and even sign up for the app and push notifications or weekly email updates as an option.


    All District Rules will be adhered to at Union Park School. Please refer to the DVUSD Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. We believe that students must treat others with the same respect with which they are treated by the adults in our school. We also believe that student’s actions, dress, possessions, etc., must not cause a problem for themselves or anyone else.