As the parent/guardian of a Union Park student, parents are held accountable for certain parental responsibilities and for their child’s conduct during school time and school activities. Parents must understand that their child is required to exhibit appropriate behavior and language.

     Parental responsibilities, in accordance with Arizona laws, include:

    • Making sure their child gets to school on time and attends on a regular basis.
    • Having their child nourished, in good health, dressed appropriately, clean and ready to learn.
    • Educating themselves and their child of school rules and district regulations.
    • Paying for property damages as a result of their child’s misconduct.


    Parent Involvement is all about the children. Participation in your child’s education is proven to boost his or her achievement in school. We are committed to treat parents as partners while keeping lines of communication open and focused on the needs of your child. Mutual trust and respect between parents and teachers is required to maintain a positive learning experience at any school. We believe that your trust in Union Park is required to ensure your child’s success.



    Students at Union Park are held accountable for certain responsibilities and for their conduct during school time and school activities.  Students must exhibit appropriate behavior and use language that is not offensive to the rest of the community.

     Student responsibilities, in accordance with Arizona laws, include:

    • Making sure they get to school on time and attend on a regular basis.
    • Arriving at school nourished, in good health, dressed appropriately, clean and ready to learn.
    • Knowing the school rules and district regulations and abiding by them.
    • Knowing that any property that they may damage will have to be paid for because of their misconduct.
  • Students Role in Learning

    Students become self-directed in learning about themselves as a learner. They have to analyze their own study habits to figure out what actually works for them, this helps students retain knowledge.

      • Incomplete formative assignments will be identified as a 49% in the grade book at the end of the quarter.
      • 50% used for summative assignments or assessments receiving less than 50%
      • Retakes must be student initiated; parent should acknowledge awareness of retake.  Multiple reassessments will be permitted following proof of practice and relearning, per teacher discretion.
      • Retakes and late work must be submitted within two weeks of the date of the original assessment.
      • Practice (formerly homework) will be used to provide feedback 
      • No "extra credit" will be given at any time
      • Progress reports will be sent home for students halfway through the quarter
  • All District Rules will be adhered to at Union Park School. Please refer to the DVUSD Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. We believe that students must treat others with the same respect with which they are treated by the adults in our school. We also believe that student’s actions, dress, possessions, etc., must not cause a problem for themselves or anyone else.


    For Room 410

    For my classroom I will start with a warning, if the behavior continues then they will be sent to the cool down corner in my room to fill out a think sheet to reflect on their choices and ways to prevent or avoid it next time. Then the sheet will be sent home for the parent to look at and discuss with their child and to be signed and returned the next day. Also I will send an email or phone call letting the parent/guardian know what happened and to be prepared to see a think sheet in their child’s  backpack. If the behavior continues then I will contact the parents/guardians to discuss next steps to take.


    My class does punch cards. Whenever you are following a rule or doing what you are suppose to you get a punch on your card. When you reach 20 punches your name is then entered to win a prize out of the treasure box. 



    TOROS Expectations

    • Teamwork Matter

    • Own Our Learning And Actions

    • Respect One Another

    • Optimize Opportunities For Growth

    • Safety Always



    Remind is a way to stay connected with your child’s teacher through announcements and text messages. It is an easy way to send a quick check-in or reminder for both the parents and the teacher!

    If you would like to receive reminders and alerts from me, please email me the request and I will send you the information to sign up for my class.

    Once you sign in, you should automatically receive a welcome message from me!  

    Class Website

    We have a classroom website! I will be updating it with information about what we are learning in the classroom, homework, and upcoming events in the classroom and on campus.


    Agendas will be distributed to students in grades 1-8. Parents will be expected to review them on a daily basis to ensure that their children are keeping up with the daily assignments. It is expected that each teacher at each grade level (1-8) will utilize the agendas with their students.

    Students will recieve a school planner-this will be used to keep track of assignments and when they are due, when tests are, school events, classroom events, and nighly homework. 

    Contact Details

    Please do not hesitate to email or call me with any questions you may have. I can be reached at my school email, sloan.tomasello@dvusd.org or through the school with my office phone 623-445-5858. Typically I respond to emails within a few hours or less, give or take the day or time it was sent.

    Union Park has implemented email office hours and a “curfew” to ensure that we maintain a healthy work-life balance. I will respond to emails/remind/calls Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 8:30am and again from 3:30-5:00pm.

    Please schedule specific times to meet with me, as we need time to communicate effectively. I often have professional duties directly before and after school hours. Please understand that I will not be able to meet or discuss issues while I am teaching or supervising students. However, I will contact you as soon as I can.



    • Website
    • Frequent Smores via social media, email, and texts


    Communication Protocol Flow Chart

  • Field Trips

    The 3rd Grade Team will be collaborating together to come up with educational opportunities for the students to enrich their education outside of the classroom. 

    We make every attempt to offer field trips free of charge. However, the trip may cost a small amount depending upon transportation costs and entry fees to the venue.

    Important-All chaperones must complete the one-time DVUSD Volunteer training course prior to attending the field trip.



    School-Wide Policy- Volunteerism in any form is greatly appreciated at Union Park School. Deer Valley Unified School District requires all school volunteers to take the DVUSD Volunteer training course offered throughout the year (if you have taken this in previous years, you are all set). Volunteers must set specific dates and times with the teachers. It is imperative to establish an important role for the volunteer without interrupting the learning environment. Parent volunteerism in the classroom during the school-day varies based on need, teachers, and grade levels.



    Teachers may plan for curricular celebrations regarding timely holidays or units of study (Fall Festival, Winter Holidays, Valentine’s Day, last day of school). These celebrations will be at the end of the day and no longer than 45 minutes. Individual student birthday recognition is generally celebrated during the last ten minutes of the school day (2:50). We also require that parents leave non-school-aged siblings at home while visiting our classrooms. Birthday Celebrations: Food is not permitted in our classrooms for individual student birthday celebrations due to the students at Union Park School with food allergies. We truly appreciate your understanding and support while we ensure the safety of our students. As an alternative we suggest non-edible items to share (i.e. pencils, erasers, etc.)

  •  Homework/Grades

    Teacher Expectations

    • Homework will be purposeful and extend classroom learning experiences.
    • Directions will be clearly expressed in class and checked for understanding before going home.
    • Homework will not be used as a disciplinary device.
    • Teachers will review homework.
    • Comments will be made when meaningful (verbal, notes, stamps, or stickers).

    Home practice directly related to the standards-based, instructional objectives can be assigned using the following time guidelines:

    • Grades K –1 Up to 30 Minutes per night across all content areas                  
    • Grades 2-3 Up to 60 Minutes per night across all content areas  
    • Grades 4-6       Up to 90 Minutes per night across all content areas
    • Grades 7-8     Up to 120 Minutes per night across all content areas


    Research provides strong evidence that, when used appropriately, homework is essential for increasing and reinforcing student learning and achievement for course standards. Homework may be differentiated to the meet the needs of our varied learners. The intent of homework is to practice, extend learning, and provide opportunities for students to develop critical, independent study skills and self-discipline for their life-long educational journeys.

    Grades are a reporting tool utilized to reflect what a student knows and is able to do in a content area. We measure achievement, not effort or behavior, in our grading system. 

    Union Park policy: 49% will be the lowest assigned grade for any tests, work, or homework. 

    PowerSchool is an essential resource for parents and students. It is not only a tool for communication regarding grades, it is a resource for our students and parents to check progress, missing work, and what is being taught/learned regularly. Please ensure that you and your child have access and even sign up for the app and push notifications or weekly email updates as an option in Power Schools.

    Grading Procedures are marked in the DVUSD PRAG manual to share with all team members. A sample of grading procedures is provided as well as a student work form.

    The teacher will maintain the students electronic gradebook on Powerschools but impelmenting the grades directly in Powerschools for students and parents to access at home. Every effort should be made to record a minimum of one grade per week for each content area. Teachers should take no more than five (5) school days (with exceptions only for major projects and essays) from the assignment due dates to enter its grade

    • Grades 3-8 & Specials
    • 100%-90% A
    • 89%-80% B
    • 79%-70% C
    • 69%-60% D
    • 59%-49% F

    No Zeros will be given for any assessment/assignment by the end of each quarter.

    • Grades will be weighted accordingly: 
    • 60% Assessments
    • 35% Classwork
    • 5% Homework