Fall 2020 Q&A Gifted


    This page was updated following the parent webinar on July 27th


    Our district is working hard to plan for the return to school this fall. Our goals are to keep our students, families, and staff members safe while delivering the best education possible. We know there is a great deal of uncertainty right now, and we can’t answer every question out there but will post Q&A here as we can in order to help families plan. Please understand that the situation is fluid and things are ever changing. What we post here can, and will probably, change over time as the COVID situation evolves. We appreciate your understanding.  


    If you are a Renaissance Academy parent, we have a specific Q&A page here.


    Most information, as well as the full presentation summarized below, can still be found on the Return to Learning page here. Please make sure you are checking there often to see the general district updates. We will add to this list as we can though the summer for gifted specific information.





    Both models (On Campus Virtually & Online Academy) are available, and both, for the 1st quarter, will be taught by campus-based teachers. This means that both options will have students with their local school gifted cluster, AP, IB, or Honors teachers as well as the school gifted specialist.

    The Two Models

    On Campus Virtually –

    • Allows for more synchronous learning
      • More real-time zoom meetings with the teachers
      • Follow a more structured school day schedule
    • Easier transition back to in-person learning
    • When schools re-open for in-person learning, these students are expected to come to campus


    The Online Academy –

    • Allows for more asynchronous learning
      • More self-paced
      • More flexible schedule (work in evenings on weekends, etc.)
      • Less in-person zoom meetings (many recorded ones are available)
    • Long-term online option, students are expected to be online longer then the On-Campus Virtually students. This may be for multiple quarters, the entire school year, or beyond


    How to Enroll

    Contact your school registrar


    What Happens After 1st Quarter or When Schools Re-Open for In-Person Learning?

    • On-Campus Virtually students come to school
    • Online Academy students stay learning online
      • This may be with the same teacher or depending on the situation a new teacher who will stay online with them for the rest of the school year.
    • Families can switch models at this point to best meet their needs