How to Learn Online

  • Learning online is a new experience for many. Through learning online students and families have added flexibility, but with that comes the need to have a plan for success.  Here are some tips to consider as your learning continues online.

    • Choose a workspace - Pick a space to work that is comfortable, where the lighting allows you to see your screen easily, where you have space to write in a notebook, and there are no distractions. Don't have the TV on in your work area. If someone else is doing an activity that might distract you, pick a different location to work.
    • Gather your supplies - Collect all your learning supplies so that you have them with you for learning. Some resources to consider are your device, charging cord, a notebook, a pencil, and a water bottle. 
    • Follow a daily schedule - While you might receive a daily schedule from your teacher, use that as a starting point to identify what needs to be done. Consider how much time you need to spend for each class and then add start and end times for each subject. [Example: Art class is 45 minutes. I will start Art class at 2:15 and be done at 3:00.]
    • Give yourself breaks in the day - When at school you have a break at least once an hour as you transition from one activity or class to another, plus at least one longer break during lunchtime. Schedule your lunch break and eat away from your computer. Get up from your device and move around between classes on your schedule. If you finish up with activities for a class early, reward yourself with an extra break until the next thing on your schedule begins.
    • Attend live meetings - Make sure that your teachers' meetings are on your daily schedule and plan to attend every day. You are not alone in your learning online; take time to connect with your teachers and classmates.
    • Ask questions - While you are not able to walk up to your teacher's desk in the classroom, there are many options for asking questions. Send your teacher an email from your school Gmail account or a Canvas inbox message. During live meetings, use the chat or speak up to ask questions that you have about learning. 
    • Try new things - Keep your mind open to trying new things in learning. New might seem scary, but have patience with yourself as you learn to navigate the technology and building new skills. Use the available resources to help you with technology and the content you are learning in class.
1st grade student working on math using a Chromebook
Middle school student writing on paper while using a Chromebook
Scissors and project supplies on table while following steps on a Chromebook