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    Draft Sample Schedules 


    To give families a better idea of the time commitments for the Deer Valley Online Academy model, we have developed sample schedules broken out by grade bands. 

    For screen time during online learning, we encourage a balance of on-screen and off-screen activities to support learners in differentiated and multi-modal ways. Screen breaks are encouraged and will be scheduled regularly during the class period by the teacher. The use of live screen time through Zoom is an important part of our online school experience as it supports student relationships, social interaction, and connections to support student learning and well-being. Since instructional and student learning needs vary greatly in the learning process, times for active screen time, Zoom class meetings, and off screen learning activities will vary to best support our DVUSD learners.

    Grade Band Sample Schedules

    Grades K-3 Deer Valley Online Academy

    Grades 4-6 Deer Valley Online Academy

    Grades 7-12 Deer Valley Online Academy