(UPDATED JULY 29, 2020)


    Question:  Can I still enroll my child in Deer Valley Online Academy?

    Answer:  For K-8: Families will now contact their home campus to let them know that they want to participate in the Deer Valley Online Academy. Parents can contact their school by calling the office, by emailing the registrar, or by going to the school to speak with an office staff remember. If parents are emailing the school, they should write "I want my student to participate in the Deer Valley Online Academy" with their student's first name, last name, and ID number.

    For 9-12: Families should contact their high school counselor. The counselor will send them the link to GoSignMeUp.
    All late registrations will not start on August 3rd. Some process time will be needed.

    Question:  What can I expect for the first day/week of school?

    Answer:  This week, each K-6 and K-8 campus is hosting a Welcome Back - Meet the Teacher Night. All of our events are being held virtually, so please check your school’s webpage for their specific Meet the Teacher information and links. 

    All teacher(s) will send information about what to expect on the first day, directions on how to log in, along with a schedule by the end of this week. This will be your first opportunity to connect with your teacher(s). This year you’ll most likely feel even more connected to your child’s teacher through your interactions on Canvas, watching recorded lessons, and attending small group instruction as much as you can.  


    Question:  What if I enrolled in Deer Valley Online Academy and I want to re-enroll in my child’s home school?

    Answer:  If you completed registration through GoSignMeUp for the Deer Valley Online Academy (free full-time online), but now want the On Campus Virtual Learning option, you must cancel your registration by sending an email to online@dvusd.org with the subject line “cancel.” Include your full name and your student’s full name and student ID number (if you know it) in the email. That is all you need to do to be back with your On Campus/Virtual teacher(s).


    Question:  Will my child maintain his/her open enrollment status next year if he/she participates in the Deer Valley Online Academy?

    Answer:  Yes!


    Question:  Is the curriculum the same for K-8 students enrolled in either On Campus Virtually or Deer Valley Online Academy?

    Answer:  Yes! Students in the Deer Valley Online Academy and students who Return to Learning On Campus will both receive the same curriculum. DVUSD has built its own curriculum that is aligned to state standards and the district's scope and sequence.


    Question:  Is Zoom attendance required by period for On Campus Virtually high school students?

    Answer:  Yes!


    Question:  If I would like to watch the July 27 Return to Learning parent webinar, where can I access it?

    Answer:  You can access it by clicking HERE


    Question:  How will my child get access to a learning device and other supplies, etc?

    Answer:  Campuses are contacting families this week regarding device and supply pick up times. Contact your school’s front office if you have not been contacted already.


    Question:  Do we have to use the school provided learning device (i.e. iPad or chromebook) or can we use our own?

    Answer:  Yes, you can use your own device.


    Question:  If a parent cannot make their scheduled pickup time for a learning device (iPad or Chromebook), what should they do?

    Answer:  Contact your school’s front office. DVUSD school front offices are open during regular hours.


    Question:  If my child is enrolled in the Deer Valley Online Academy, where do I go to pick up a learning device and supplies?

    Answer:  Your child’s home campus will be providing this to you.


    Question:  When will Deer Valley Online Academy 9-12 student schedules be available?

    Answer:  Deer Valley Online Academy 9-12 students will be able to see their schedules Saturday, August 1.


    Questions below this line were posted July 22, 2020


    Question:  When does school start?

    Answer:  School begins August 3 for all students via our two virtual learning options. (See www.dvusd.org/returntolearning for information on these two virtual learning options.) 


    Question:  When are students returning to campus for in-person teaching and learning?

    Answer:  At this time, in-person school is scheduled to begin October 14.


    Question:  Is there a deadline for enrolling in the Deer Valley Online Academy?

    Answer:  Yes! You must enroll by Tuesday, July 28. You can enroll by visiting our registration page.


    Question:  How will online learning be different from what my child experienced this past spring?

    Answer:  The teaching and learning experience that students will experience in August and September 2020 will look very different from what they experienced in the spring. A team of educators consisting of district staff, campus principals and teachers from across the district has been meeting over the entire summer to prepare for a high quality online virtual educational experience. In addition, teachers will be provided with multiple training opportunities for online instructional delivery. This is in contrast to the spring where we were forced to switch 35,000+ students and staff to an online platform within two weeks. 


    Question:  What if I enroll in a Deer Valley Online Program/Deer Valley Online Academy course for the flexibility of asynchronous learning and decide I want to return to  campus when we return to learning in person?

    Answer:  For K-8 families, students will be able to switch learning options when school resumes in person.

    For High School families, students will need to remain in the selected learning model for the semester. Students in Deer Valley Online Academy may return to campus second semester. If students have chosen the On Campus Virtual model and are unable to return to campus when learning resumes in person, we will work with families on a case by case basis.


    Question:  Can my high school student who is taking a Deer Valley Online Program course or who is in full time Deer Valley Online Academy return when in-person school begins or after the first quarter?

    Answer:  Students who are either a part time Deer Valley Online Program student or a full time Deer Valley Online Academy student will complete the full fall semester course online. Students may return to their home campus in January for the second semester.


    Question:  Will a DVUSD certified teacher be provided in either of the two learning options (i.e. On Campus Virtual or Deer Valley Online Academy)?

    Answer:  Yes. DVUSD will be staffing both the On Campus Virtual and the Deer Valley Online Academy learning options with certified teachers.


    Question:  Will each student be provided with a device to participate in online learning?

    Answer:  Yes! Kindergarten and 4 high schools (BCHS, DVHS, MRHS, and SOHS) have iPads. Grades 1-8 and BGHS have Chromebooks. Schools will handle the distribution of the devices. Devices will be distributed to families before August 3. Parents can expect communication from their schools in the near future on this topic. If your child is enrolled in the Deer Valley Online Academy, you will receive communication as well regarding how and when to pick up your device.


    Question:  Will students be assigned homework when learning online?

    Answer:  Yes! Students in both the Home Campus Virtual and the DV Online Academy will receive homework.


    Question:  Will the student work be graded while students are learning online?

    Answer:  Yes!


    Question:  Is live zoom attendance required or will recordings be available for later viewing for the return to school/virtual option? The Deer Valley Online Academy?

    Answer:  Yes! Attendance of the Zoom sessions is expected for the On Campus Virtually learning option. The sessions will be recorded for students to view at a later time when they are unable to attend. 


    Question:  What is the (is there any) peer/teacher interaction in the Deer Valley Online Academy?

    Answer:  Yes! A daily morning meeting (for K-6) is built in each day with other opportunities to connect with the teacher and peers. The times with the teacher are strongly recommended but not absolutely required.


    Question:  What is the status of the “On Flex" learning option?

    Answer:  Due to the delay of in-person learning until October, the “On Flex” is not currently an option. It has not been determined if this option will be available when students return in October.


    Question:  How will you address Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?

    Answer:  Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a priority area for DVUSD and many resources have been identified and created! The SEL resources include student mini-lessons broken down by grade bands (PreK-2, 3-5 and 6-12). Family resources have also been posted on the www.dvusd.org/returntoschool website for parents to access to support students in preparation for the week before school begins.


    Question:  Do teachers still have early release Fridays to engage in the Professional Learning Community (PLC) process?

    Answer:  Yes! DVUSD is invested in the Professional Learning Community process. This process will support higher levels of teaching and learning for both virtual and in-person learning environments.


    Question:  Is a face shield an appropriate face covering?

    Answer:  No. According to the CDC - “It is not known if face shields provide any benefit as source control to protect others from the spray of respiratory particles. CDC does not recommend use of face shields for normal everyday activities or as a substitute for cloth face coverings” See our parent update from July 17 for more information on this. 


    Question:  How and when will it be decided when students and staff can return in-person to campus?

    Answer:  The DVUSD Governing Board will make a determination sometime before October 14 when students and staff will return to campus.