• Career Development/TSW         

    Course Description:                                                                                                       

    This course is aligned with Arizona College and Career Ready Standards and/or national content standards and supports school-wide efforts to increase student achievement. It is designed to help students make a successful transition from the high school setting to their selected post high school outcome(s). The course will help students to identify appropriate career possibilities through program directed assessments/inventories and self-directed assessments/inventories. Students will work with staff to select sites in the community for job tours and job shadowing in identified career strengths. Students will create a resume prior to practicing interviews in their identified career possibilities. Lessons will be aligned with Vocational Rehabilitation standards

    The purpose of the course is to help students develop skills they can utilize beyond their high school experience.  A variety of services will be offered to guide the students toward becoming competitively employed and/or enrolled in a post-secondary or vocational program following their exit from high school.  Students receive job placement and/or training services, job related instruction, independent living skills training, and assistance with transition planning.

     TSW Mission Statement:

    The Deer Valley Unified School District Transition School to Work program teams with Students, Families, Communities and Vocational Rehabilitation to facilitate a plan to bridge high school students to future career opportunities and life-long learning.

  • 4th  Period (B): Career Development/TSW

    6th  Period (A): Career Development/TSW