• Math can be a difficult subject for some, even when learners aren't faced with the challenges of distance learning.  As your teacher in the classroom, I can look over your shoulder and ask you questions during class to gage whether or not you are grasping the concepts.  But while we are distance learning, the student needs to be more proactive with their learning.  This means that the student needs to attempt the learning (problems from the lesson, assignments, quizzes, tests, etc.) as soon as possible and seek help right away when they struggle.  Math concepts build upon each other and if a student misses a concept and doesn't get the help they need, they won't have the skills necessary to grasp future learning.  Unlike last year, our online work will be all that your grade will be composed of; there will be no "in class" grade that it will be added to.  So stay caught up and get help as soon as you discover that you need it.  Together, we will make you successful!


    To keep my lines of communication clear, I would like students to message me through Canvas.

    Parents should contact me directly through my email.

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