Me me me
  • Remote Learning Expectations

    Students will be graded and attendance will be taken during remote learning this quarter. Attendance will be taken at each Zoom meeting throughout the day, and assignments are expected to be completed.

    I understand that everyone is adjusting to remote learning (I am too), and I am flexible! Please reach out to me if there is a major concern with scheduling or assignments.


    Class (Zoom) Expectations

    1. Video cameras on - so I can see all your adorable faces!

    2. Microphones on mute - this way background noise doesn't interfere with our learning!

    3. Have your materials ready and accessible for the day (whiteboard, pencils, erasers, notebooks, etc)

    4. Be on time!

    5. Find a quite place with limited distractions.

    6. Pay attention Participate.

    7. Wait your turn to be called on. Speak clearly when it's your turn to talk!

    8. Make sure other devices (ipads, cell phones are put away so they don't distract you