• Class Expectations

    There are a few things you should keep in mind for the class.  

    1. You access the course through www.dvusd.instructure.com with your Novell log-in.  Email me at polly.wood@dvusd.org before class if you need me. Once class starts, I prefer you use the Canvas messaging system so I can get back to you straight away.

    2. You need to print your printable calendar!  Due dates are twice a week, so this gives some flexibility, but my greatest tip for success: do not get behind on due dates! They sneak up so quickly! Take a look at your week ahead of time and plan out when you will complete each assignment as assignment times vary.

    3. Due dates are not suggestions and consistently turning work in late is a recipe for failure.  Please manage that time wisely!

    4. Always complete the lessons, whether that is watching the videos within the modules, or taking notes on the websites within the lessons, etc. 

    5. Last, know that I am always here to help! Please communicate whenever you need me.  I love my subjects, but I teach because I have a passion for teaching you, the students!