Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Liu

Hello, I am Yangyingyi Liu (YY), the new 5th Grade Mandarin teacher. I will be teaching my students Mandarin, Math and Science this school year.

I was born in Zhuzhou, Hunan province. It is a very important transportation conjunction in South China. Unlike Phoenix, the weather there is humid. People love eating spicy food, and the special cuisine made by local people is sliced green pepper pork. 

In 2015, I joined an educational volunteer program and flew to New Delhi during the summer vacation. I taught students English and Mandarin in the summer camp. Without desks, chairs and textbooks, I faced lots of challenges and our team tried to modify our lessons based on those conditions. I had a tough time, but I will never forget the friendship I created with kids, and from that experience, I was able to see the power of education. I chose Teachers College, Columbia University to continue my graduate study and I was enrolled in the Bilingual Education program. I experienced teaching Mandarin, math, social studies and science when I was practicing teaching in the last school year. This is my first year at Desert Sage and I am looking forward to teaching and learning with my lovely students!

I love teaching 5th grade. I believe that each child has his/her own strengths, and they can achieve more than what we expect if we encourage them with love, patience, and care.

Fun Facts about me:

Drink: Soy milk is my favorite drink.

Dessert: I don't like too sweet things, but I do love chocolates and ice cream a lot J

Food: I love Chinese food the most. But I also like eating pizzas, Mac & Cheese and ramen.

Collections: I love playing Legos, and I bought a lot when I was in New York City.