• Social Studies Standards

    SECOND GRADE – THE WORLD AROUND ME Through the study of geography and economics, the students’ lenses expand to learn how their world is interconnected globally. Students will develop a spatial understanding of the world around them, so they can understand how other cultures and civilizations are interconnected and have influenced who we are as a community, state, and Nation. United States history, world history, and civics will also be taught in a comparative context. This storyline integrates well with the English Language Arts standards at this grade level since most districts have students read fables, folktales, and stories from the United States and around the world. The standards in second grade are skill-based and are designed to integrate the skills with the study of any region or civilization in the world since individual curriculum for ELA is varies throughout the state.

    ● Working together to solve problems

    ● Individual and leadership roles

    ● Earning, spending, and saving money in a global community

    ● Identifying regions using geographic models

    ● Influence of weather and climate

    ● Development and change of civilizations and cultures

    ● Societal institutions and their belief systems