• We have so much to learn in third grade.  There will be a learning curve and challenges to starting the year online.  I will do my best to answer your questions and be available to meet via Zoom as well as by phone/email. 

    I love incorporating hands-on experiences and opportunities for students to work cooperatively as well as share their individual strengths with their peers.  Our school has great resources to help aid in your child's success.  Our district curriculum is rich in content and focuses on the common core standards.  My goal is to help your child feel comfortable and confident at school.  We will have a strong focus on reading, writing, and math but will also incorporate science and social studies as well as special areas like music, art and P.E. 

    I am a strong believer in open communication between school and home.  It is important that your child knows we communicate about their progress.  We can accomplish this through Class Dojo, newsletters, phone calls, email, text, etc...  If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at school or home.  I believe in building a partnership with my parents to ensure that each child gets the best learning environment possible so that they will succeed.  As we work together, your child will have a successful year in third grade!