• Gifted Testing 
    Testing is done three times during the school year; Fall, Winter and Spring. There is also testing over the summer if a parent chooses to pay for it.
    During the online learning this first quarter, the schedule was changed because the test can not be given virtually. Therefore there will not be any testing this Fall 2020.
    The Winter testing window is January 4, 2021 - February 19, 2021. Parents are notified in March after all tests are scored. Services begin after the 'Permission to Place forms are returned.  
    The Spring testing window is April 26 - May 6th. Parents are notified just before school is dismissed for the year. Services begin the following year., if the 'Permission to Place' form is signed and returned.
    The CogAt test can only be administered once a calendar year. For example, if your child doesn't pass the test in February, they can not try again until the following February.
    Additionally, we strongly encourage students to test in the Winter vs the Fall, as they tend to do better.