• Welcome! Meet your 7th Grade Team! 



    Ms. Fragoso - 7th Grade ELA & Social Studies 

    Hi I’m Ms.Fragoso, I teach 7th grade ELA and social studies and coach Cross Country. I moved 6 times growing up but I consider Chicago, IL my hometown. My parents now live in Tennessee. My brother still lives in Chicago and is getting married there this September! I am so excited!  I am the youngest of 4 siblings and my family and I are very close, I wouldn’t trade them for anything! While many people think my last name is Italian it is actually Portuguese and my dad was actually born there. I love to be out in nature hiking, I actually backpacked through Spain with my sister after I graduated from high school. I also love running which I got into in high school where I ran on the cross country team and jumped hurdles and did sprints for the track team. 

    I went to the University of Arizona down in Tucson for both my undergraduate degrees in English and History and my Masters in Education. I was a member of Chi Omega and one of my proudest moments was getting to plan and put on our spring philanthropy event in support of Make-A-Wish! 

    My sister is also a teacher and just recently moved down here this summer. I love to travel, read, be creative and crafty, color coordinate, watch netflix and movies, listen to music and podcasts, play games, workout/run and take Polaroids. 

    This will be my first year at Sunset Ridge after student teaching last year at Hillcrest Middle School, I cannot wait to hopefully spark an interest in history and help you make 7th grade your best year yet! If you have any questions or ever feel like you need help of any kind feel free to reach out to my email, Elizabeth.Fragoso@dvusd.org

    Let’s have an extraordinary new school year!

    Ms. Jacobs - 7th Grade Math & Science

    Joni Jacobs
    Things You Should Know About Ms. Jacobs:
    1.  I'm an Arizona native--you'd think I'd be used to the summers by now!  I attended Roadrunner and Palo Verde Elementary Schools, then on to Cortez High (Alice Cooper's alma mater), followed by ASU for my undergrad and finally to NAU for my Master's.
    2.  Although I'm a highly-qualified middle grade mathematics teacher, my first teaching position was middle school language arts.  Not only can I calculate, I can conjugate!
    3.  I've been a teacher since 1993, and I've taught in Deer Valley since 1995.
    4.  The Count of Monte Cristo is my favorite book.
    5.  Football is the best sport to watch on TV.  When golf gets helmets and pads, I'll tune in.
    6.  I believe in complex carbohydrates, dark chocolate, and coffee, although not necessarily in that order.
    7.  My husband was a national collegiate archery champion long before Katniss picked up a bow.  
    8.  One of the reasons I picked the name Greg for my son was because I love the character of Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird.  You can't, however, find a coffee cup with Atticus on it, so I used Gregory Peck's name instead.
    9.  I am a lousy cook.  Burnt is the new black in my kitchen.
    10.  The best part of teaching is when former students come back to visit!