• This is the DVUSD high frequency word list: There are 50 words on the Kindergarten list. 



    the**          and**           his               want             said

    a                can                here**         for               so

    see             you**            of**             they            will

    my             as**              on                have            were

    to               it                   are**           some           what

    by              he**              was**          we               this

    am             she**            be                or                out

    at               in                  do                come**        like**

    go              with               had              from**         one

    is               good**          look**          that              them

    All 50 high frequency/ sight words need to be read by the end of the year.

    Words with an ** need to be spelled correctly by the end of the year


    High frequency words are also known as "sight words" because students should be able to see them and automatically recognize them by the end of the year. Most of the words cannot be sounded out! Knowing high frequency words helps students read with fluency and promotes comprehension while reading. 


    Here are some ideas to practice and learn High Frequency words with your child: 

    Spot and Read- Have your student look for sight words and read them to you in books you read to them.


    Highlighting- Have student search for and highlight/ color high frequency words in mail and magazines. 


    Flashcards- Write the sight words on index cards, printer paper cut into cards and practice them daily. 


    Journaling- Give your student a few sight words to read and then write about. 



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