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    If you'd like to join our band program at Union Park for the 2022-2023 school year, please complete the instrument matching tool via the link below. Also, please feel free to explore our beginning band website for more information about the benefits of joining band! Please email me at Nathaniel.Kievert@dvusd.org for more information!


    Link to Website


    Below, you can find more information regarding rentals, instruments, and other pertinent information from Milano Music Center: 

    There are several options to get started with renting Milano instruments: Parents can rent in their downtown Mesa store, rent at one of our many depots throughout Arizona (the closest are the Desert Ridge Music Academy and the Peoria Music Academy), or rent on their website. When renting online, families can choose to pick it up, have it delivered to school, or have it shipped to their home. Also, Milano's is working on adding the option for parents to rent online and choose to pick up at a depot.

    I would like each band student to acquire a music stand so they are able to practice efficiently at home. They can also be found at Milano Music, but can also be purchased through online retailers. This philosophy should ONLY pertain to music stands. Please do NOT do this for instruments.


    Essential Rental Info
    These videos explain the Milano Music rental program and how the company cleans/sanitizes rental instruments. Please disregard content relating to string instruments.
    These short, simple videos introducing each beginning instrument. Newcomers may choose from: flute, clarinet, trumpet, and trombone. Please disregard content relating to string instruments.
    These videos going through what comes with Milano instrument care kits. Please disregard content relating to string instruments.