• Hello second graders! I am beyond excited to continue my teaching career at Union Park as I start my fifth year. Since about the age of 8, I knew that one day I was going to become a teacher. I am so thankful to have the unique opportunity to be a part of opening a campus and I look forward to a year of learning, fun and teamwork. I strive to create a classroom focused on engaged learning, community and respect. I know that with these principles present in the classroom, it will make for a great year!

    I was born in Phoenix and raised in Peoria. With that being said, I am a product of the Deer Valley school district. I graduated in April 2016 from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Special Education. In the spring of 2018 I graduated with a Master's from Grand Canyon in the area of Teaching English as a Second Language. Go Lopes! For the past four years I have been teaching second grade at Copper Creek. 

    I come from a fun-loving family of 4. My mom Antoinette, dad Mark and and younger brother Anthony who just graduated from NAU with his Master's degree. My family are some of the most caring and supportive people I know.

    I love to travel, listen to music and go shopping. I enjoy spending my free time with family, friends and my boyfriend Alex. I cannot wait to meet everyone and get started. The community of Union Park is very supportive and close knit. It was an easy decision to transfer here and have felt nothing but postitive engagement and communication from parents, students and incoming staff members. This year is going to be great!

    My Favorites:

    Colors: purple, pink, teal, red

    Season: Fall

    Flowers: daisies, sunflowers

    Snacks: dark chocolate, peanut butter M&M's, jalepeno chips, Cheez Its

    Restaurants: Wildflower, P.F Chang's, Sauce

    Drinks: Dr. Pepper, Starbuck's, AJ's iced tea

    Stores: Target, T.J Maxx

    Hobby: working out, reading

    Free time: being with loved ones, watching my favorite T.V shows

    Subject: Language Arts

    Place to be: Italy