• Class Expectations:

    1- Show up to virtual meetings

    2- Do your work and turn it it on time.

    3- Be kind and respectful, this is a weird time for everyone here but if we all work together, we will have a blast!

    4- Don't be afraid to ask questions through Zoom, Canvas, or email!

    5- Find a quiet area in your home, preferably with a table or desk of sorts. I recommend using headphones as well! Try your best! We can make this fun!


    Zoom Rules:

    1- Try to log in a few minutes before class so we can get started on time.

    2- Check your surroundings. You don't want to be distracting other family members in the room, the may also be working!

    3- Make sure your devices are charged or are plugged in!

    4- Please wear appropriate clothing, you are expected to be on the camera at all times for the duration of the Zoom class.

    5- When joining a video call, make sure your camera is ON and your microphones are OFF. You may be asked to turn video off at times so just be prepared!

    6- Please do not have any distracting backgrounds. Everyone should have the opportunity to focus and be attentive and distracting backgrounds will not help.

    7- Make sure you raise your hand to ask a question or you can type your question in the Zoom chat box.

    8- Talk as clear as possible, some devices or headphones do not have the best microphones so it can sometimes be hard to understand if you don't speak clearly!

    9- As said before, be kind and respectful!


    Get Ready for Class!

    Bring with you to each class a sense of curiosity, hunger for learning, and patience for review. It would be helpful to have headphones, pencil, and paper with you for each lesson. If any additional materials are needed, that lesson will tell you!