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    I will be sending out emails each week to help keep everyone in the loop as to what we are doing in class.  I will also be using Remind 101 as well to help facilitate commuincation on specific items.  Most communication with students will be through Canvas and Zoom, but I feel it's very important this year to make sure information is available over many platforms.  Please do not hesitat to email me at any time with any questions or concerns.  You can click the link below to begin using Remind 101 for our class this year.  I would encourage both parents and students to utilize it in order make sure you can get any necessary updates quickly and easily direct to your phone.

    Click HERE to be able to use Remind 101 for 7th Grade Science with Mr. Nelson.

    The link above should walk you through the process, but if you have trouble click HERE for further instructions.

    email: benjamin.nelson@dvusd.org