•      How can I best support my student and set them up for success during this time of distance learning?

    As we prepare to begin a new school year, please sit and have a chat with your child about online classroom etiquette. Here are some tips that might help.

    1. Please teach your child to turn their camera on when attending class. Many students prefer to leave a black screen up, but that does not hold them accountable and teachers do not know if they are even present. Leaving a black screen up is the virtual form of a student putting a hoodie over their head and burying their face in their arms on their desk. Are they asleep? Awake? It is nearly impossible to tell. Encourage your child to be present both in appearance and with their attentiveness.

    2. Turn off, or collect your child's phone. It is nearly impossible to focus on your studies when notifications from Snapchat and Instagram are rolling in at lightning speed. I know I struggle with it. Most students do not have the self-control needed to ignore those devices while they focus on their studies.

    3. Turn off the TV/Wii/Xbox... Wii bowling during class isn’t acceptable. (Yes, I have witnessed this.)

    4. Create a space in your home where school will take place and set boundaries to make it happen. A desk or table complete with a fully charged chrome book, a few sharpened pencils, paper, a cool drink and access to an outlet would be ideal. Think of this space as a classroom in your home. Minimizing distractions and having all necessary supplies at reach sets your student up for success.

    Please remember that distance learning needs to be treated like real school because it is indeed REAL school. This is a new year with new, HIGH expectations. Grades will count and your student's grades and learning will suffer if they choose not to do what is required. When we do go back to brick and mortar school, we'd love to see all students ready to go, but that will only take place if they are attending class and completing their assignments. Please create checks and balances to make sure they are on track. Your involvement as a parent or guardian is more important now than ever before. Please support your child and set them up for success. 

    see you in class