• Message from the Cafeteria
    Canyon Springs will be handing out Lunch and Breakfast
    sack meals on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 10am-Noon.
    Tuesday bags will include (Tuesday and Wednesday meals)
    and Thursday bags will include (Thursday/Friday & Monday meals).
    The food is no longer free for everyone, unless the government passes a
    waiver. Currently it is free only for those who qualify.
    Reduced Price is .30 cents breakfast and .40 lunch
    Full pay is $1.50 breakfast and $2.95 lunch
    Families can add funds to their accounts at EZschoolpay.com....
    Currently the $2.00 transaction fee is being waived till 9-14-20
    for your convenience.
    ***Next week only we will hand out on Monday 8/3/20 for the first day
    of school AND THEN THE REGULAR SCHEDULE FOR Tuesday/Thursday.
    *pick up will be curb-side by the bike racks, in the front of school*