• Canvas


    Canvas will be our official learning platform for all of our district adopted curriculum.  Canvas is new to all of us please be patient and we will try and answer as many questions as we can.  Each student will need to log into Canvas every day.  Please practice logging into Canvas to become familiar with the platform.  Lessons and activities will not be posted until Monday morning. On this site you will find all of our courses for each day.  This is where you will also be able to find the links for the daily ZOOM calls/lessons.  

    Canvas also has a amazing parent portal that answers a lot of questions and has tutorials to help learn Canvas. 


    **Don’t worry, we will learn this together!


    In order for your student to log into Canvas they will need to know their username and password.  Please practice logging in before the first day to make sure it works and you can get in.  Student login information will be sent through email.  


    Username:   first initial  middle initial  first 3 letters of last name and last 3 numbers of student ID number


    Password:   student ID number


    CANVAS - Canvas link

    Directions and Video of how to set up Canvas and get started - https://www.dvusd.org/Page/48958