Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. Chinese Proverb
    Attendance phone # 623-445-7890; it is a 24 hour recorded answering service. Call at ANYTIME!! 
    Fall testing will take place three times a year: August, January and April



    Hello and welcome to my classroom!!! 

    My classroom will emphasize your child’s need for responsibility and cooperation in everyday experiences.  I believe the responsibility of a child’s academic success lies with both school and home.  I am asking for your support in this team effort.  I want to work closely with not only your child, but with you as well.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions. I can be reached at 623-445-7857 or my email address is:  vicki.coiro@dvusd.org   It is my goal to meet the educational, emotional, and social needs of your child.  To help me accomplish this goal, please keep me informed of any situations that might affect your child’s well being.  My web page link – www.dvusd.org/domain/4646 - my page is updated weekly with current news, homework assignments (posted daily) which will help when students are absent or forget what the assignment is.


    Many changes begin to take place as the students explore and discover their own strengths.  I will emphasize: academic skills, responsibility of homework and assignments, time management of activities (social and academic), self evaluation, increased public speaking skills,  active involvement as a citizen of our school, and lifelong study skills including setting both long and short term goals.  I believe in motivating and challenging students to become responsible students and members of society.  This is always a challenge that I have enjoyed.


    In closing, I would like to recognize that no one knows your child like you.  You are a vital part of your child’s education.  I sincerely seek your help and wisdom in dealing with day-to-day problems that may arise.  Please do not hesitate to call or communicate with me should you have a question or concern.  Many such questions are easily clarified as you share them.  I consider it a privilege to be a part of your child’s education and know that it is only by working together that we can make it the best possible year ever.

    I look forward to an exciting school year.  I believe that this year will provide your child with numerous unique learning opportunities and be one that will always be remembered.



    Goals, Expectations and Grading Policy


    My goals are for the students to:

    • Become Responsible for everything they do
    • Discover Knowledge and Use of Various Thinking Processes to create Independent Thinkers
    • Development of Skills of Collaboration and Teamwork
    • Development of Self-Confidence
    • Creation of Positive Self-Concept and Self-Esteem
    • Development of Leadership Skills

    The essential ingredient of CREATIVITY will be always present so that your student will be engaged in the classroom.


    Academic Expectations

    Students need to come to class ready to learn with the necessary materials; notebook/folder, paper, pencils, completed assignments and active discussion participation is essential to the learning process. Students are expected to participate by active listening, asking and answering questions, contributing to group discussions and completing all assignments on time. I have high expectations for all my students. I will work my hardest and expect the same from them. Your child will make mistakes and there could be “F”s in PowerSchool’s, but your child has the opportunity to correct/redo most assignments. Understanding our errors is an important component of learning.   



     I will send out a sign up genius for our up coming week of Parent Conferences.
    We are in room 330 (upstairs 300 building) and the phone number is 623-445-7857.
    My email is vicki.coiro@dvusd.org. Please contact me with any questions or concerns about the class or your child.
    Quote: "The world is changed by your example, not your opinion"  Paulo Coehlo