• Classroom Expectations

    RESPECT the LEARNINGSAFETY, and WELL-BEING of ALL individuals at ALL times

    Students are expected to adhere to all Stetson Hills School and DVUSD behavior expectations as detailed in the Students' Rights and Responsibilities. They are expected to arrive to class on time with all materials necessary to be successful. Our notebooks and math modules are used daily and remain in the classroom every day. Students can take their module home if they need to complete make-up work or study for a test. It is the students' responsibility to return these supplies in order to be successful the next school day.

    If a student leaves the classroom for any time, they must sign-out so that I can be aware of their location in an emergency. Cell phones should be powered off and in a backpack. If a parent needs to contact a student for any reason, please call the front office, (623) 445-5300 and ask for a message to be relayed or transferred to my classroom.

    2023-2024 Middle School Handbook