Introduction to Health Care Course Syllabus 2020-2021


    Course Title: Introduction to Health Care Careers


    Room: 602B

    School Phone: (602) 467-6865

    School e-mail: 




    Course Description:

    This course provides the student with basic information relating to all areas of health care. Students study careers in health services, diagnostic technology, rehabilitation services, administration and patient care. Topics include basic medical terminology, concepts of health and disease, socio‐economics of health care, basic emergency first‐aid, human anatomy and physiology, interpersonal skills, ethics and legalities, and infection control.                                                                                                                                                   

    This course is aligned with the Arizona State Standards which include the Common Core State Standards.


    Course Goals & Objectives:

    We will use a systems approach to help the students learn about many of the legal and ethical aspects involved in health care, an overview of health care facilities and safety standards, and many of the skills required in health careers, such as communication, leadership, observation and record keeping.  By the end of the year, students will be able to use basic medical terminology in conversation and professional writing.


    Course Materials:

    Books: Simmers DHO Health Science 8th edition text (this will be available through Canvas and there will be a few hard copies in the bookstore) and workbook (which is yours to keep and write in)

    Supplies: A folder or binder for assignments and paperwork, black ink pens, pencils and colored pencils, and college lined paper, DVUDS supplied student iPad charged everyday for class.

    First Semester Project(s):                                                                       Second Semester Project(s):

    5 lb. sack of flour, pantyhose, 5” Styrofoam ball                         Various craft items, cardboard box                                                  

    Classroom/Course Expectations:

    Students are expected to abide by all of the school rules (the handbook can be found on the DVHS website), they are also expected to follow classroom rules/agreements.  Students and parents will be asked to sign a copy of the syllabus, acknowledging that they understand and agree to these terms.  Rules are in place for one main purpose: to provide a safe, respectful, tolerant and accepting environment conducive to learning.


    Zoom Classroom/Course Expectations:

    • Be on time to your class.
    • Make sure your tech is working properly and ready to go.
    • Set up a productive work space .
    • Be sure to mute your microphone upon entry
    • Mute after you are done sharing
    • Camera On with you in view
    • Listen to Others
    • Ask Questions
    • Be Respectful Check your surroundings before you start class
    • Dress Appropriately
    • Use Appropriate Language
    • Ask and post only topic related questions and comments
    • Be Appropriate
    • Use Headphones if you have them
    • This will help with background noise and help you focus
    • Put all distractions away (ie cell phone)

    Classroom Rules:

    1. All electronic devices must be put away during class. Cell phones will be parked in assigned parking slot at back of classroom. Loss of participations point will occur if student is caught using cell phone.


    Electronic Devices:  Many students want to have the privilege of carrying electronic devices. With that privilege comes the responsibility of ensuring that those items are not used during class. If students are found listening to music or texting in class or otherwise not fully engaged in learning, and behavior/action is not corrected by student there will be consequences for student defiance. Misuse of electronic devices may also result in disciplinary procedures.

    1.                                                                                                                           Respect your right and your neighbors’ rights to learn


    1. Show respect and tolerance toward each other, teachers and guests


    1. Be prepare for class and on time


    1. Participate in all class activities within guidelines set for those activities


    1. Behave in a “professional manner” as appropriate for future health care workers


    1. No food or drink other than water in the classroom


    Consequences: The first time a rule is broken, depending on the severity of the violation, it will result in a warning.  Regardless of the violation or frequency of violations, the first step will always include the following: The student will be asked to identify the rule they violated and describe a more appropriate way that they could have responded to the situation.  This will be followed up by an after-class discussion for a second violation, a conference with the student and his/her parent for a third or more severe violation, and a referral to administration for a fourth or most severe violation.  A phone call to parents can be made at the teacher’s discretion after any violation.



    Grades will be determined on a total point system.  A specified number of points will be given for all assignments, projects, homework, and tests. 


    Grading Scale

    A             90-100%                                          

    B            80-89%

    C             70-79%

    D            60-69%

    F             0-59%


    All assignments must be turned in on time to receive full credit!

    The assignment is worth 50 % max if turned in to me once the assignment has been graded and is returned to the class after the due date.


    The final semester grade is totaled from 80% of your 18 week grade and 20% of your final exam scores. The current final grade will be documented in PowerSchools and will combine items completed in class with items completed on Canvas. The Canvas grade will only show what is down on Canvas, it does not take into account other assignments. Canvas and PowerSchool grades will differ, PowerSchools is the final grade.


    Test Retakes:

    Students may retake quizzes and tests under the following circumstances:

    1. Student must retake within ONE week of missing.
    2. Student must schedule time for retake with teacher (retake must fall within ONE week)
    3. Retake must be done outside of regular class time and before next scheduled test.

    This retake policy does not apply to District or teacher created semester exams.



    Students with excessive absences may face great difficulty keeping up with material in the course. It is absolutely necessary to be present in class to keep current in your work.  Much of our work is lab based and demonstrations that cannot be replaced easily. Students with more than 12 total absences during the semester may be dropped from the course with loss of credit. Deer Valley tardy policy will be enforced as explained in the Sweep procedure in the student handbook.


    Make-up Policy:

    Students who have an absence which is excused will have one day for each day absent to turn in missed work.  Students who are marked unexcused will not receive credit for work missed but will still receive feedback.  When you are absent, please check Canvas for the daily calendar and what you missed.  See the student handbook for more information regarding excused and unexcused absences.


    An assignment which is considered a long-term project is due on the due date and time as stated when the long-term project was assigned.  Long-term projects may be turned in prior to the due date as well as parent/guardian may turn in at the front desk.


    Bellwork is required to be made up with the teacher. Student must schedule makeup time with teacher.


    Communication: Please contact the teacher for any student concerns.  It is crucial that teachers, parents, and students maintain open lines of communication.  Contact information is provided at the top of the first page. Phone calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours. Email angela.jensen@dvusd.org is the better way to reach me. J


    Supplemental video resources:

    In addition to district approved video clips, any of the following videos may be shown to complement instruction on certain topics.  By signing the bottom of this form you are acknowledging that you are aware of the possibility that the following videos may be shown in class, and you are giving your child permission to view them.  There will be alternative assignments available to students who do not have permission to view the videos.  If there are only a few videos on this list that you would restrict your child from, please sign the form and indicate your exceptions.


    Supplemental Video List


    And the Band Played On- the history of AIDS, symptoms, political & social aspects


    Philadelphia – looks at symptoms of AIDS and political and social aspects


    Tuesdays with Morrie- based on book, a look at death and dying, hospice care


    Supersize Me- a man’s adventure eating only fast food, effect of nutrition on body


    Patch Adams- based on a doctor who questioned convention methods of treatment; looks at medicinal effect of humor


    Fried Green Tomatoes- nursing home care, generational differences and similarities, learning from history


    The Other Sister- a mentally challenged young lady faces the normal things of growing up; how the mentally challenged can be independent


    My Sister’s Keeper – looks at the importance of advanced directives


    The Last Song - discusses practical application of privileged communications and confidentiality


    Medicine Man- looks at scientific method in research for cancer cure; implications of man’s destruction of the rain forest


    Remember the Titans- based on true story; looks at overcoming stereotypes, teamwork, and the history during struggle for civil rights


    Sicko- analyzes different types of health care systems and how they are implemented in other countries


    Outbreak (edited for TV version) - disease epidemiology, infection control techniques


    The Notebook – focuses on Alzheimer’s disease


    Return to Me – focuses on heart transplant and family relationships


    I Am Sam – focuses on mental health issues and support


    A Walk to Remember – focuses on leukemia and family relationships


    The Ultimate Gift – focuses on cancer, dying and making good choices


    Soul Surfer – focuses on amputation, coping and following dreams


    Mr. Holland’s Opus – focuses on teaching, music, deafness and family relationships


    The Bucket List – dealing with the psychological issues of death and dying


    Phenomenon – deals with neurological phenomenon


    Elephant Man – true story of how a boy copes with living his whole life in a plastic bubble due to immunodeficiency





    Welcome to the class!












    _______________________________   _______________________________   _______________          _______

    Last Name (Please print),         First Name (Please print),        Middle Initial        Period         


    By signing this paper I verify that I have read the syllabus in its entirety, a copy of the syllabus can be found at  https://www.dvusd.org/Page/63704:


    Students- Please read the following statements:

    *** I have read the Syllabus for Intro to Health Careers 2020-2021 and understand the guidelines set forth and agree to abide by them.

    *** All work is expected to be original effort; plagiarism (internet or classmates or other sources) will earn a ZERO.

    Parents- Please read the following statements:

    *** I have read the Syllabus for Intro to Health Careers 2020-2021 and understand the guidelines set forth and agree to abide by them.

    *** All work is expected to be original effort; plagiarism (internet or classmates or other sources) will earn a ZERO.


    Please print and sign below:


    Print Student’s Name: ____________________________



    Student’s Signature: ____________________________



    Print Parent/Guardian’s Name: ____________________________



    Parent/Guardian’s Signature: ____________________________



    Parent/Guardian’s email address: _________________________________________________



    Parent/Guardian’s telephone numbers: (      ) ________- _____________, (      ) ________ - _____________


    I acknowledge that I have read the list of supplemental video resources and will allow my son/daughter to view the videos on the list.


    Print Parent/Guardian’s Name: ____________________________

    Parent/Guardian’s Signature: ____________________________


    Please list any concerns here: _______________________________________________________________________________________