• English Language Arts
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    Welcome to Bulldog Country!  
    English Language Arts includes: IB English classes; AP English classes; Dual Enrollment classes: ENG 101/102, ENH 110, COM 100; MYP Honors English classes; English Language Arts (ELA) classes; Creative Writing and Yearbook.  

    All IB/AP/HONORS classes have Summer Reading for the 2020-21 school year as follows: 

    Incoming 9th grade Honors:       ELA 1-2H (pdf)                ELA 1-2H (Word)
    Incoming 10th grade Honors:                                            ELA 3-4H (Word)
    Incoming IB 11th graders:           IB 5-6 (pdf)                    IB 5-6 (Word)  
    Incoming AP 11th graders:           Junior AP 5-6 (pdf)                     AP 5-6 (Word)
    Incoming IB 12 graders:              IB 7-8 (pdf)                      IB 7-8 (Word)
    Incoming AP 12th graders:           AP 7-8 (pdf)                     AP 7-8 (Word)
    Assignments are due the first week of school.
             Project 2   R&J Project     Autobiography   Macbeth Projects  
                                                      Odyssey   R & J Project 2