• Instructions for resetting your Chromebook 

    1. Sign out of your Chromebook.

    2. At the login screen, ​press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r​, then click Restart or Powerwash.

    3. In the box that appears, select Powerwash > Continue.

    4. Select Continue to confirm powerwash.

    5. At the Welcome screen, select “Let’s Go”.

    6. Connect to your home network, click next.

    7. Select Accept and Continue.

    8. When Enterprise Enrollment completes, select Done.

    9. Login with students email address and password to begin using the chromebook.

    ● @learner.dvusd.org​ may or may not be pre-populated on the login screen.

    ● If you see ​@dvusd.org​ pre-populated, you will need to type in students FULL email address - example ​xxxxx123@learner.dvusd.org

    Troubleshooting Enrollment Issues

    There have been some reports of users receiving an “Enrollment Error” when following the steps in the document after step 6.

    This is related to a setting pushed out to all chrome devices across the district and some devices have not inherited the change.

    You can click on the "enroll manually" option after receiving the Enrollment Error. Once the process completes type in the students full email address and password to begin using the chromebook.

    *****Users may see @dvusd.org pre-populated, which confuses some users since they typically see @learner.dvusd.org pre-populated.

    Manually type in students FULL email address to be able to login for the first time- example ​xxxxx123@learner.dvusd.org​. This will overwrite @dvusd.org and you may login to begin using the chromebook.*****

    Once devices have picked up our policy change they should be able to follow the document without any workarounds. If devices are powered off and closed this could prevent the change from applying causing the Enrollment Error.